Real & Genuine a Bonafide Adventure

Good morning all, 

Wow it's been 3 weeks since my last blog update... if you follow along on FB and  Instagram you know we've had a whirlwind wind of happenings latley. 

We arrived back in Sheridan, got started on building out the commissary building, and catered our first event, had a few soft openings all in such a short time span...


Brian is the number one asset in team Bonafide... you Dream it... he builds it.... from a really old run down shop too our turquoise abode... the commissary building is an awesome home base. stay tuned for updates  about #clubbonafide.



I was totally jazzed to cook with love And give away a whole bunch of free Burritos on Sunday, the love and support of our community is really amazing... we're gonna be running test recipes for our various Donuts all week, celebrating another special event, and getting ready to roll out the complete concept coming June 13.... 

Keep an eye out for us... Well see you on the Street. 



Be Encouraged

Today makes one week since our return to Sheridan with Merry, and preparing to launch Bonafide. It seems like the list of to-do items are never ending... But such is the life of chasing a dream with no ending and starting a new business.


We are so full of love and gratitude for all of the amazing support and excitement of our community for this project...  from neighborhood kids riding up Thier bikes to ask what we are doing, or all the people who have said wow that looks cool when they have seen us on the streets around town. 


We have been to the farmer's market and secured vendors for our fresh produce and eggs...  


Buy fresh, buy local.... we believe in it! 

We have some fun new graphics featuring our Mule Rosie and our Bomb Ass Burritos.. T-shirts and merchandise are being planned. We almost have all our parking locations on lockdown, and were already booking special events! 

So we're just finishing up some details and waiting on some permits... and We will be able to let you know when we have a date for opening day! 


Checking it out on main Street! 


So thanks for welcoming us Home.... and we can't wait to cook you up some Real, Genuine Bonafide food..... See you in the Street! 

Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page about becoming a Bonafide member and our savings club cards too.... Still lots to do... And it's all for YOU! 

Full moon Blessings

Love it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perserveres. LOVE never fails.

We are so full of gratitude for all the Love and support of our family, friends and fans.... With out all of you, we may have never even started this journey.

It is almost full moon and I'm practicing and praying for patience and fortitude today... Accepting that challenges are an inevitable part of the journey.... we got the truck back from the suspension place much later than expected, and Brian had an exhaust leak on Merry that had to be fixed before we went another 1200 miles. It's the end of the day... Rush hour, and we want to be North bound,..... But Great Spirit said...

Take rest.. get energies flowing in the right direction, center yourself... so while I'm fighting this internal time line.. I'm also my Intuition, my heart and my husband...

My Aunt Goldie even went and bought me some sage today so I could do my blessings.. knowing that I wasn't traveling with my medicine bundle as we were supposed to be home already in the original plan.... but it is ok... we'll get there when and how we are supposed to.

Were really excited to get home and get cooking up some goodness... see our family and get settled in for a huge Bonafide Foods  Summer season. 

Please say a little prayer for our safe and swift journey home to Wyoming... 

Thanks again for all your Love... we really really appreciate it....  

Thank you Great Spirit for your many blessings upon us, by the full moon light... We'll travel across the country North bound one more time on this journey... 


Be patient ..... 

Be patient ..... 

Brian almost ruined this favorite t-shirt with some really bad grease... But I scrubbed out all my frustrations and it came clean... We're gonna grab some supper, take a nap and hit the road around midnight...  See you Soon Wyoming.

With Love Antonia Evenstar

And our Bonafide Adventure



Southbound and Down

And were off again... 5 o clock rush hour Wyoming Style.... 2 short of our full crew , it's just Brian, Cora and I.... Going fast and light to go Get Bonafide..


Goodbye Bighorns... we'll be back soon. Thanks AB for holding down the fort and watching the  kids. 

It was such a great feeling to be home... We were so happy to see our family and friends. Meeting cool people and taking care of business, just a day in this blessed life.. 

 Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts...  check ins from the  Road...  BAM

#bonafideadventure #getbonafide #bonafidefoodlove #foodtruckers

Ridiculously Excited

We are rolling down the highway, with many miles to go... But these babies came thru and we are beyond excited to see this roll into our town...

Her name is Merry as you know... and we wanted her to be a  homage to our love of the mountains, our dish and spoon story.. and our love of Sunshine Days.... 


Just like me she'll be the brightest happiest let's celebrate girl on the Lot....  we have joked with her Driver that it's a good thing he's Colors Blind... Click on the link.. to see the mock up for the Vinyl Wrap. 

#girlboss #warriorwomen #goodmenwholoveus

#girlboss #warriorwomen #goodmenwholoveus

Lots if excitement building, and I'm so grateful for the Love and support of my Tribe.... 


Rise above and Believe

The beautiful Poppies come back every year, they always seem to bloom in the most difficult of weather, they endure the rain, wind and the occasional snow storm... Thier petals are like tissue paper, and the stems so long and fragile.. yet they rise up and bloom.

Paper poppies

Paper poppies

These last few days we have been up against some really tough weather, we have so many projects to complete in a really tight time frame... and it has seemed like insurmountable odds....  

So we have just persevered, today while the guys were out in the wind, I had to finish up the basement, it's dark and damp and even after we vaccumed last week.. there still alot of spiders.. so my job today was paint it WHITE... And it dawned on me down there... Just paint it white, get it bright, shed and spread all the light...  Stay on the line of possible... Believe in yourself and what you want and you will get it done.


So then I decided I might as well get outside and keep helping out with the salvage work, the task at hand required getting up high on a fallen roof building and pulling nails to get the tin roof... now those who know me know, I don't  like roofs or places I can fall off of.... but I did it!  I learned something new, saved some really cool materials and got stuff done!


Just get up there. 

Just get up there. 

Some times you just have to rail against the wind, scream, yell and get your frustrations out. 


Keep pulling, keep pushing, hammer if you have too.   Do it 597 times... That's how many lead head nails came off the roof...


Conquer the fear and doubt.. put it behind you..

Believe that you can do whatever you need to.. my youngest son who is always the rock steady... said once, "you know why I don't worry to much mom?, Because so far we've made it thru every single very worst day thus far..." I know we'll make it thru this too.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.. so onwards and upwards


With all the old and custom things we've been repurposing here at the Farm,  Im really excited to k ow that at this time next week, we'll be back in AZ picking up the truck and getting Bonafide ready to roll home to Wyoming.


So just like this old door handle.. were ready to go to work again tomorrow and see what the day holds...  

Thanks for being part of this Bonafide Adventure, following along and believing in and supporting us... we hope that our journey inspires you to can do anything you set you mind too. 

With love and Blessings,