Be Encouraged

Today makes one week since our return to Sheridan with Merry, and preparing to launch Bonafide. It seems like the list of to-do items are never ending... But such is the life of chasing a dream with no ending and starting a new business.


We are so full of love and gratitude for all of the amazing support and excitement of our community for this project...  from neighborhood kids riding up Thier bikes to ask what we are doing, or all the people who have said wow that looks cool when they have seen us on the streets around town. 


We have been to the farmer's market and secured vendors for our fresh produce and eggs...  


Buy fresh, buy local.... we believe in it! 

We have some fun new graphics featuring our Mule Rosie and our Bomb Ass Burritos.. T-shirts and merchandise are being planned. We almost have all our parking locations on lockdown, and were already booking special events! 

So we're just finishing up some details and waiting on some permits... and We will be able to let you know when we have a date for opening day! 


Checking it out on main Street! 


So thanks for welcoming us Home.... and we can't wait to cook you up some Real, Genuine Bonafide food..... See you in the Street! 

Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page about becoming a Bonafide member and our savings club cards too.... Still lots to do... And it's all for YOU!