Real & Genuine a Bonafide Adventure

Good morning all, 

Wow it's been 3 weeks since my last blog update... if you follow along on FB and  Instagram you know we've had a whirlwind wind of happenings latley. 

We arrived back in Sheridan, got started on building out the commissary building, and catered our first event, had a few soft openings all in such a short time span...


Brian is the number one asset in team Bonafide... you Dream it... he builds it.... from a really old run down shop too our turquoise abode... the commissary building is an awesome home base. stay tuned for updates  about #clubbonafide.



I was totally jazzed to cook with love And give away a whole bunch of free Burritos on Sunday, the love and support of our community is really amazing... we're gonna be running test recipes for our various Donuts all week, celebrating another special event, and getting ready to roll out the complete concept coming June 13.... 

Keep an eye out for us... Well see you on the Street.